Recycling – A Great Way to Give at Christmas

by admin on November 14, 2014

Giving just makes us happy. Going out to the store and selecting just the right new bowl, picture or end table.


Wrapping it up in shiny paper and putting a tinsel bow on it. And then seeing the joyful face of our loved one as they open this special present we bought just for them. It puts a smile on our face.

But what if I believe in the three R’s of reduce, recycle, reuse?  I want to go and select the right present and see the joy on their face. But how do I go and select a gift for Christmas that is “Green”? If I can bake or craft – it is easy peasy. I can whip up some handmade item that everyone will just love. But for a lot of us – that is no easy task, and honestly should be left to the professionals. 

Alternative number 2 – Let’s look at the Recycle option. There are tons, and tons of absolutely beautiful items that go into the landfill everyday as home owners take their lamps, glassware, chairs, tables and mirrors out to the curb because they think they are too dirty, old-fashioned, or not hip any more. These items, when cleaned up, refinished, rewired or transformed in some other way can be useful, stylish, chic and on trend. Not only are you getting a one of a kind piece, that is well made and fashionable, but you’re doing great for the planet as well!

Have you thought about browsing the consignment stores for your holiday giving ideas? A great way to embrace your go green philosophy and still select just the right present for your favourite aunt, friend, co-worker is to hit a store that specializes in recycled home-decor. The White Monkey prizes itself on providing our clients with trend setting retro goods that are in great condition, well made and incredibly stylish. Come in and we can help you select the perfect gift that will look great in their home (or your home), won’t drain your wallet and protects the planet all at once.

What could be a better gift idea? 

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